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CARTA: Imagination: Lera Boroditsky - Building Complex Knowledge with Language and Imagination

This symposium explores the evolutionary origins of human imagination, its impact on the sciences and arts, the consequences of imagination impairment, and the fundamental genetic and neurological basis of human imagination. The ability to cognitively transcend the physical is one of the very hallmarks of human intelligence. Lera Boroditsky, UC San Diego. Recorded on 06/01/2018.

  • My testimony of a face-to-face encounter with entities/guests from another dimension.

  • The process and stages of the encounter.

  • the physical and mental impact.

  • The fear.

  • Telepathy and connection to the visitor's consciousness.

  • The perception of the visitor's.

  • What do they think about us?

  •  visitor's thinking and emotions.

  • The limit of my consciousness

  • Their message/warning to humanity

  • Where do they come from?

  • Who they are?

  • Are we ready to meet them?

  • The differences in the perception of reality between them and us

  • Separation versus oneness in consciousness

  • Human language, modern science, and superposition

  • The relation between meeting the visitors and the clinical death experience

  • Help and guidance through dreams

  • The visitor's awareness of creation -  the one.

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