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It is said that once we know that we are not alone, the greatest revolution that human culture will experience will occur.

The nature of meeting the guests was completely different from the reality we know.

For me, it was an encounter with the unknown, and for the first time in my life, I feared for my sanity. In those moments I was not able to understand the experience rationally. 

The desire to understand the encounter and And it's meaning gradually became to be my life's mission.

The communication with the guests was unlike the communication concepts we know - they simply shared with me their consciousness.

They allowed me to experience their thoughts, feelings, their being and their perception of reality.

At the beginning of the encounter, I experienced terrible fear and as I overcame it, I experienced the most profound and meaningful content of my life. Content that led to the writing of this book.


In the first part of the book, I give the experience of the encounter itself exactly as it happened, the physical, psychological and mental impact that followed. Still without understanding how it occurs or what it means. 

The second part of the book is written in a gradual journey of understanding our experience and the communication with them in-depth, a journey that lasts about 30 years and in fact continues. Years in which the experience of the guest consciousness which was abstracted from definitions, became familiar and its parts merged into one complete picture.

In this section, I return to the face-to-face encounter and this time also conveys the understandings that the guests helped me understand afterward.

All the time from the meeting the guests supported and continued to help me in their special way of finding the way to understand what they are, how they see reality, what is the connection between us and them, and most importantly, who we really are.


I hope that sharing my experience will be helpful in our shared journey to the new world we are in now when we realize we are not alone.


About the book:

* The face to face contact
* Temporary physical effects
* Synesthesia

* Visitors consciousness
* God-awareness

* Angels and demons
* Oneness by consciousness
* Interdimensional beings
* Quantum theory superposition
* Out of body experience
* Meditation and telepathy

* Near-death experience

* messages in the bible

* the garden of Eden

* None duality
* Space and time

* Hypnotic migration

* Ego and The global warning 

* About the one dimension

* Our brain and language tools

* Our heart and emotions tools

* Going for the one

from the book subjects:

Chapter one: The first contact

Foretelling Dream/OBE and the First Encounter with the Aliens


It happened in the evening, after a sunny summer’s day.
my brother and I came home to rest after a long working day. My brother was sleeping in his room and I was dozing off facing the wall my bed lay across. After a few moments, I shut my eyes and immediately found myself within a dream that was taking place outside my body, at that very room.

In my dream, I knew I was outside my body, which was sleeping in bed.

I didn’t have an actual body, perhaps something akin to a child’s small body, transparent, without any finite outlines. I felt happy. I was close to the bed, hovering over it, then sitting at the nearby table, looking around, at peace, fully conscious and aware of what was going on, looking-watching smilingly, fondly, at my sleeping body by the foot of the table.

The sensation of the distance from my body felt pleasant, liberating, free and light. I had a good feeling. I was seeing, sensing, smelling and hearing everything that was going around me without the familiar boundaries. I felt my brother sound asleep in the next room on the other side of the wall, breathing sweetly, calmly.

And then, I saw them too. They were in the room as well, inhuman figures between the armchair and the couch, by the TV. One of them was standing by my sleeping body, watching it.

I looked at them amused, watched them wobble along in a funny, clumsy way across the room from one spot to another. They were casing the joint with such curiosity and wonder. One of them picked up a piece of paper very carefully, as though seeing it for the first time. He touched it and felt it, clasped his fingers around it, listened for the sound of crumpling paper, smelled it. They looked like inhuman children in a new playground. I felt I knew them, like they were childhood friends of mine.

They were a little under four foot three tall. Their heads are slightly bigger than ours. I do not recall how many fingers they had. I think I saw five on each hand. Their arms were longer than our own, gentle and supple. One of the guests was chubby, his belly protruding over scrawny legs. His walk was also clumsier than that of the others. Another was so skinny I could see the outline of his bones right under his skin…

I was watching all this calmly, blissfully. We were all rejoicing together. The chubby one was going back and forth across the mat, wobbling like a duck, marveling and laughing like a child taking his very first steps. The more solemn among the guests was concentrating on my sleeping body over the bed, watching it closely, focusing in particular on my head, which was resting on the pillow. I felt he was communicating with my body, perhaps trying to help out with something...

I remember that at the end of the dream, when I knew I was about to return to my body, I was laughing along with them, long, wholehearted laughter of understanding, acceptance, and love for one another. I also vaguely recall that this laughter we all shared had some reason to it, we had known something important together, something important, loving and pleasant. Perhaps we were laughing at the human confusion and the fear this confusion brings about.

I woke up lying in bed, still smiling, recalling the weird dream.

I wondered about this unfamiliar expanse my imagination had brought forth, complete with such a palpable dream, which was so strange and wild.

All of a sudden, I heard these strange sounds coming from inside this room I was in, like bare feet making rapid steps across the mat. I rubbed my eyes. I was still in bed, facing the wall. I heard the rustle of things being moved about, crumpling paper, strange whispers. My smile was gone. I felt my heart pounding.

‘Thieves broke in? Are they trying to keep quiet so I don’t wake up?’

I remembered I had locked the door from the inside. ‘Impossible. No one could possibly have gotten in’.

I quickly turned around to face the room. An electric shock hit me hard and I began to tremble helplessly. Right across from me, less than two feet away, stood one of the guests from the dream I just had. He was staring right at me.

Three or four others were standing right behind him...

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