GRANT CAMERON with Experiencer Yossi Ronen on his new book ONE

My testimony in an interview with Grant Cameron of a face-to-face encounter with Intelligent aliens.
recorded in 2019, about a year before the publication of the book "One"


In the first part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

• The 2 stages of the encounter.
• the physical and mental impact Of the contact on me.

• The deep fear at the beginning of the encounter and the dealing with it.
• Telepathy and the connection to the visitor's consciousness.
• The perception and consciousness of the visitors.
• Their way of thinking and emotions.
• visitor's consciousness, love, the experience of - GOD.
• What do they think about us?
• The limit of my consciousness in front of the guests
• Their message/warning to humanity
• Where do they come from?
• Who they are, and our translation of it?
• Are we ready to meet them?

Connecting Superposition with Interdimensionals and Oneness

In the second part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

• The differences in the perception of reality between them and us
• Separation versus oneness in consciousness
• Human language, modern science, and Quantum superposition
• The relation between meeting the guests and the clinical death experience
• Help and guidance through Aimed dreams with the visitors 
• The visitor's connection to creation. the one. GOD​

Contact with Interdimensional Beings - Yossi


Yossi Ronen takes us on a journey of face to face contact with extraterrestrials and experiencing consciousness from their perspective.

Yossi Ronen from Israel shares his experiences with ETs, and the teachings he has received from them. Yossi's first book spans consciousness from his personal experience of on the ground, in the room contact – to creation, sacred texts, quantum physics, emotions, and our powers and responsibilities.
The book in itself is a gem, yet there is so much that is difficult to convey with ink and paper or simply does not belong in a book. We go beyond the written word. His presentation on Contact and Beyond includes:
Contact and the Field of Consciousness
Oneness and God
Parting into Particles / Unifying in the Wave - Separation versus Distinction
Fear of Love / Too much Love
The Power of Names
Paradise and Peace
Creation and the Sacred Texts
- Questions and Answers



October 19, 2020

video conference

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Alien Connection - Israeli Man’s Amazing Communication With ETs

June 19/20 - Spaced Out Radio live with
Yossi Ronen

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