Connecting Superposition with Interdimensionals and Oneness

My testimony of a face-to-face encounter with entities/guests from another dimension.

In the first part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

  • The process and stages of the encounter.
    the physical and mental impact.

  • The fear at the beginning of the encounter and dealing with it.

  • Telepathy and connection to the visitor's consciousness.

  • The vast space of consciousness and perception of the visitor's reality.

  • What do they think about us?

  • Their way of thinking and emotions.

  • visitor's consciousness, love, the experience of creation.

  • The limit of my consciousness in front of the guests

  • Their message/warning to humanity

  • Where do they come from?

  • Who they are, and our translation of it?

  • Are we ready to meet them?

Contact with Interdimensional Beings - Yossi

In the second part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

  • The differences in the perception of reality between them and us

  • Separation versus oneness in consciousness

  • Human language, modern science and superposition

  • The relation between meeting guests and the clinical death experience

  • Help and guidance through dreams

  • The visitor's connection to creation. the one.

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Alien Connection - Israeli Man’s Amazing Communication With ETs

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