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Podcast with Grant Cameron and Yossi Ronen, about the interview with Louis Elizondo

April 9, 2021 Podcast with Grant Cameron about the interview with Louis Elizando

What the heck? What did he just say?

Grant Cameron: I have always maintained that the UFO community has people inside the government that are friends to the UFO topic and have been carefully leaking bits and pieces of the secret of some sort of interaction with a non-human intelligence. Luis Elizondo recently appeared on a DeBrief YouTube interview. During that interview he went down a hypothetical rabbit hole indicating that the UFO phenomenon may be less dualistic than people think Those who have looked at the role of consciousness in connection to UFOs have discussed this possibility for years. This statement by Elizondo maybe a node and a wink to those working on the theory. My guest today is Yossi Ronen whose encounter with being in his bedroom in the early 1980s presented him with a message of non-duality, and of the oneness of all things. He too was captivated by Elizondo bring up the subject that UFOs may not be as off-world as most people have always assumed. In our conversation Yossi and I review was Elizondo said and speculate what it might mean and how it may change the world we live in. Ronen's Book One: Face to Face Contact and Human Consciousness Evolution can be seen on his website Other Links

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