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Face to face contact & experiencing ET consciousness

A TRUE STORY by  Yossi Ronen

This book is a testimony of contact and a summary of more than 30 years of research and study that began in 1981 after a face-to-face encounter with several aliens/entities. I call them visitors.
In the first part of the book, I describe the meeting with them exactly as it took place. The shock at first, the fear, and the difficulty of understanding what I see and the communication they were trying to create.


Moments after overcoming the fear barrier from the encounter, I began to accept the communication they created between us, that communication changed my perception of reality. The communication was not based on verbal language.
For a short time, as much as I could stand it, they allowed me to connect to their awareness/consciousness. They allowed me for a few moments to fully experience their being. To Experience the way they think and perceive their reality.


They do not think like us, their perception of reality is an experience that is not yet familiar to us and therefore not understood yet. It challenges the usual way we understand reality, and at first glance, it seems to contradict and conflict with our rational way of thinking.

Along with all this, on that contact even for a short time the connection between their consciousness and mine was formed, the connection formed in the basic and deep layer of my consciousness as a simple human being, a layer that I had no idea that it existed until that moment.

I believe they are here to help us to be aware of this layer of ourselves, who we are.

In all the years since and especially at the time of writing this book, they have tried to help me deal with the unknown I was exposed to in that encounter, they have helped me gather the strange pieces of the puzzle, those partial and intangible understandings that do not conform to our logic.

One image that consists of the various layers of our unique perception as human beings, from the language, culture, and human spirit in antiquity, until the perception of the world of science today.
All of these connect to a whole picture, to ONE.

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"We know your way of seeing us. But you can't see us the same way you see your world.
You're still trying to see us through your normal vision possibility of the physical dimension.
now you see our unclear flashes, these are the flashes of starting a new vision, and that is still incomprehensible to you. "

We look to you now in the way you choose and able to see.

"The way you see us is defined by you. We look the way you see as a result of sharing your perception of our existence, but we have no definite form."

Over time, you will be able to understand that an invisible essence can also be defined in terms of your perception as a human being, and that essence can show you definite, only when your physical perception participates in some form of that essence and binds it to your own choice."


"When we visit your world, we are also temporarily defined in a certain physical body, but that is not the only form or our original essence. In our dimension, there is no need for a physical body defined in a certain way as you do. A body with such boundaries guarantees the legality of existence and consciousness in the reality of your world.

You participate in the definitions of reality that you are given, but you are
not yet aware of it. "

Video conference with

Grant Cameron - Whitehouse UFO


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