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Face to face contact & experiencing ET consciousness

A TRUE STORY by  Yossi Ronen


The book "ONE" is now in Hebrew and English

Occult Ufo bestseller Book

The in-depth podcast about the book 'ONE'
by  ExoAcademian

Yossi Ronen’s life-changing encounters with interdimensional aliens, and the revelations regarding the nature of ultimate reality that emerged as a result, are the topic of this episode of the Point of Convergence Podcast.
Occult Ufo bestseller Book Reviews

NEW Book review: 18 July 2022

"This book has the benefit of being written by someone who has thought deeply about his experiences in an honest, intellectual, creative, generous, and respectful way. It is one of the few that allows non-experiencers such as me to grasp a bit of what contact with nonhuman intelligence is like. This book has the potential to advance our collective understanding of the phenomenon."

Dr. Samantha MacBride, environmental sociologist.

Video conference with
Grant Cameron - Whitehouse UFO 2.5.2019


GRANT CAMERON with Experiencer Yossi Ronen on his new book ONE

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