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Face-to-Face Contact, Experiencing ET Consciousness, and Human Consciousness Evolution

A TRUE STORY by  Yossi Ronen

Yossi Ronen book ONE

The book "ONE" in Hebrew and English

15 months on Amazon's bestsellers list
in Occult UFOs  category

The Veil Between Worlds: Yossi Ronen’s Encounters with Aliens & Experience of Non-duality

Darren King: Podcast about the book

Headlines from the book reviews on Amazon:

"This book has the benefit of being written by someone who has thought deeply about his experiences in an honest, intellectual, creative, generous, and respectful way. It is one of the few that allows non-experiencers such as me to grasp a bit of what contact with nonhuman intelligence is like. This book has the potential to advance our collective understanding of the phenomenon."

Dr. Samantha MacBride, environmental sociologist.

 “An inspiration to all ET intelligence seekers”
Snir Hadary


“One of the most important books ever written about Contact with Non-Human Intelligence.”
Reinerio Hernandez


“Amazing insightful. Well written and truthful.”
Tyler H

“A deep and thoughtful look at the nature of Love

 and the purposeful relationship of humanity to the creator, Almighty God.”
M. E. L.


 “Fascinating and well-written”
Okie Doug


 “Spot on This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to wake up and understand what reality and consciousness is.

I cannot recommend this enough!”
Chitter B


“Insightful & Thought provoking!”

 Les D.

“ A Truly Significant Book”
H. Fatir

 “Inspiring actual contact experience”
Eve adamson


 “Thought provoking....”


 “Riveting and emotional”
Gloria Canning

 “Real and deeply moving”

 “ONE by Yossi Ronen is a must-read!!!”
Estrella Katarina Castillo

 “Don’t be put off by the cover”

“I loved this book. It goes deeply into the spiritual side of the
ET experience.”
Kindle Customer


“To look inside!” I enjoyed the detail of his experience with the visitors. I found his insight in to the meaning

and value of his experiences was so inspirational and thought provoking.

 This book was much more than I expected.

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