Face to face contact & experiencing ET consciousness

A TRUE STORY by  Yossi Ronen

IT have been said that once we know that we are not alone, the greatest revolution in human culture will occur.
My personal meetings with the visitors showed me that this experience was completely different from the reality we know.
This was an encounter with the complete unknown, and during this visit, I feared for my sanity. In those moments I was not able to understand the experience rationally. Trying to fully understand what transpired has become the project of my life.
Communicating with the visitors at that meeting was not like the familiar communications that we normally have, they did not speak to me in words or any language, they shared with me their consciousness. They allowed me to experience their thoughts, their feelings ... their existence, and their perception of reality.
During the time of our shared consciousness, I could see who we truly are - from their perspective, which is so vastly different than our own.
At the beginning of the encounter, I experienced terrible fear, as I overcame it, I experienced the most profound and meaningful content of my life. Content that led to the writing of this book.
In the first part of the book, I am sharing the experience of the encounter itself, exactly as it happened, and then the physical, psychological, and mental impact that followed.
The second part of the book is written after a gradual journey of understanding the experience and the meaning of the communication in-depth, a journey that lasts about 30 years, still, today continues. Years in which the experience of their abstracted consciousness became clear and the different parts of it merged into one complete picture.
Throughout this time, the visitors support and continue to help me, in their unique way, of understanding what they are, how their vast consciousness sees reality, the special connection between their consciousness and that of us, and most importantly, who we are, and our evolutionary process of consciousness.
I hope that sharing my experiences will help in our shared journey into the new spaces we are going to, one where we realize that we are not alone.
I'm not saying I have all the answers, but I'm sure trying to understand.

Yossi Ronen  -A face-to-face Contact - A true story

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