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Reinerio Hernandez

5.0 out of 5 stars
 One of the most important books ever written about Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2020

I have read Yossi Ronen's book which I would rate a 10 out of 10. It is one of the most important books that has ever been written in the field of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence (NHI).
Most of his book was focused on one specific experience and his dissection of this experience over the last 30 years What I found fascinating was not just another person who has had direct physical contact with NHI, in Yossi's case 4 short "Small Greys", but that fact that Yossi had a "mind melt" with the actual unified consciousness of these "beings".
It was two experiences involving the same event—one involved his contact with these beings while he was having an Out of Body Experience (OBE) seeing his sleeping body directly above his bed and the second was once he awoke and had physical contact with these same beings.
First, like so many other UFO-related Contact Experiencers, this NHI is able to promote OBEs, a fact that was clearly detailed in the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Experiencer Research Study titled "Beyond UFOs".
An even more fascinating detail, which Yossi provides page after page discussion, was how he became ONE MIND with these beings-- he literally joined into their group consciousness.
This was absolutely fascinating. This topic was also discussed in my book "Beyond UFOs" but Yossi provides very specific details of this important phenomenon involving Nonlocal Consciousness contact with NHI.
I can go on and on with mind-blowing details but to learn more you will have to purchase this priceless book.
Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, JD, MCP, Ph.D. Candidate and Director of CCRI, Consciousness, and Contact Research Institute.

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2020, Snir Hadary

An inspiration to all ET intelligence seekers

At last, Yossi Ronen publishes his book "One" which describes a close encounter of the 3rd kind experience with non-human beings who visited him 40 years ago, and the insights and implications of the encounter that accompany him to this day.
I read the book with bated breath, beyond the fact that it is wonderfully written and detailed the story itself is amazing.
It is very reminiscent of other experiences I have heard of people who have experienced encounters of the third kind. The insights that emerge from the encounter resonate with many other sources, especially regarding the significance of the unity of consciousness and its importance in communication with the visitors.
It is also interesting how he overcame the initial fear and anxiety that has become a deep conscious connection, it has an encouraging message of unity and the ability to overcome the huge gaps between the different cultures.
Of particular interest is the apocalyptic message that Yossi received, which is also repeated in other sources, which warns us and reminds us of the responsibility placed on us as guardians of the planet.

Congratulations to Yossi for the effort and daring in publishing such a personal story, it is certainly an important mission and a milestone in exposing the existence of non-human intelligent ET cultures.

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Oran Thaller

5.0 out of 5 stars 

The most important book written on the subject of aliens till today!

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2020

Verified Purchase

This is without a doubt the most important book written on the subject of aliens.
There are thousands of different pieces of evidence for interactions between humans and aliens and/or UPOs. But such a physical encounter, with a full connection between human consciousness and alien consciousness, is a rare and historic event!
It is an encounter that opens an unprecedented and exciting window into understanding our world, understanding the dimension in which we live, and the laws of the entire universe, as well as its purpose.
I have no doubt that this book when it gets into the right hands - of those who deal with aliens on behalf of the authorities - it will have a revolutionary impact on the approach of scientists in the field.

it's a must-read book!


5.0 out of 5 stars  One - book review

Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2020

Verified Purchase 

One of the most concise and readable books I've read so far re: contact with non-human intelligence.
Beautiful and ultimately uplifting message, and a message that I feel humans are obligated to take seriously, especially in these times.
It always makes me laugh when people say, 'are there other intelligent beings out there?', as tho humanity displays the 'ultimate intelligence'. Given the mess we have made of most everything, I think it's pretty obvious that our intelligence is woefully lacking in all of the things that matter most on a cosmic scale, and our general lack of heart re: our planet, each other, and the universe at large is exceptionally telling as to our overall character.
We plunder and colonize for money and wealth and think nothing of taking, taking, taking from our planet, our atmosphere, and each other. We do not 'live', we only 'conquer', which shows the depth of our disconnection from all other life and the vastness of our competition. This book brings this all into focus re: the things we should be concentrating on in order to evolve and thrive as beings of the cosmos as we are meant to, but are not yet. I hope it is not too late to mend our ways and reverse the damage we have already done, and I am grateful to Yossi and for this book of his experiences.


5.0 out of 5 stars   Real and deeply moving

Reviewed in Germany on January 24, 2021

Verified Purchase

Many of us read „alien“ and think fraud.

If you read this, you very likely sense, that in this unfathomably vast universe it is absolutely impossible for us humans to be the only existing beings there are.

The author describes his real-life encounter with extraterrestrial beings in such a relatable and compassionate way it leaves no doubt that this meeting not only has taken place but more importantly that what he’s learned might be helpful to all of us.

The message is simple yet deeply touching and moving.

If you want to expand your consciousness and help yourself grow this is a highly recommendable read.
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