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Face to face contact
experiencing ET consciousness
& Human Consciousness Evolution

ONE: Face-to-Face Contact, Experiencing ET Consciousness, and Human Consciousness Evolution

THE first part of the book covers my testimony concerning my face-to-face encounter and direct communication with several extraterrestrials, intelligent beings, whom I refer to as ‘the visitors’. This encounter occurred in 1981 during my stay in L.A. for about one year.

The very appearance of those beings before me was a complete contradiction of anything I had ever known about everyday reality as I recognize it. Following this encounter at a young age (21 y.o.), the course of my entire life has changed, and the meaning of this experience has become an integral part of my life from that day forth.


After many testimonials we have from those who experienced a meeting with the visitors, we know now that the visitors' communication with us is straight through our consciousness.
In my case, the communication had another aspect. The contact formed in two different states of my consciousness: as part of out-of-body experience in the room I was in, and then when I woke up fully conscious in front of them face to face.

To this day, I cannot clearly say whether the visitors planned to communicate with me in both ways, or was it unexpected. In any case, meeting and interacting with the visitors in both states allowed me to understand more about the consciousness aspects in which this very different but not separate communication occurs between us.


Composing this book has taken many years. It was my difficulty, at first, to come to terms with the actual encounter or even discuss it, then To comprehend its complexity and primarily To translate the communication into spoken language and rational terms and phrases. And at last, the Repeated Self-examination of my understanding and interpretation.

The visitors have a different perception of reality relative to our own. I had to try and grasp their mode of thinking.
Sharing the visitors' consciousness in the contact allowed me briefly to experience the way they see me/us. their perspective of us.


In this book, I summarize my understanding of this encounter and its implications.

I hope this book will assist us all in our joint endeavor of better understanding this new reality we are currently facing. having realized we are not alone.

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