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Yossi Ronen

Yossi Ronen is living in Israel.
He had a face-to-face encounter and communication with several aliens who appeared in his room when he lived about a year in 1981 in Los Angeles.
the experience led his life on a new path. His interests have changed to independent search and learning in areas related to the encounter experience phenomena. For two years he has written articles in Alternative magazine in Israel, articles directly or indirectly related to UFO and contact or meeting the visitors, such as alternative medicine, currents in mysticism, parapsychology, oneness/god, and the Ancient secret Hebrew language.

the book ONE is a summary of about 40 years of study and research in the world of spirit, cognition, culture, and the human spirit in the face of the contact and to the information, he received in the face-to-face contact with the visitors. The book opens a window into understanding the Multidimensional consciousness /perceptions of the visitors and the relation to the development of our human understanding of reality and consciousness. This year he wrote a Chapter about his experience for the second and upcoming academic book by "free" Foundation - The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non-Human Intelligence.

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