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Do The visitors believe in GOD?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Do The visitors believe in god?
Do The visitors believe in god?

until the time of the encounter with the visitors, my understanding of the concept of God was close to that it was probably an invention of us. An invention that may have stemmed from the unwillingness to accept the unknown, the human need to believe in supreme power, and the necessity of sum to create order and control over people. In the meeting with the visitors, they didn't speak. They just allowed me to experience their full consciousness. To them, what we call God, or the Creator, is not a question of faith, it is clear and absolute existential. - like for us, is the air we breathe every moment. However, it took me a long time to connect this direct experience of God with the visitors' awareness, with what we call God. My difficulty in this stemmed from the early concepts I learned from childhood and set them about God. And even more, in front of the different visitors' way of thinking, or experience reality. Their conceptual basis is not dual as ours, so for us, it is difficult to understand. The difficulty is not due to the complexity of their thinking but to the opposite: the simplicity of their full perception. It is Too simple for our dual way of thinking. Our natural, rational understanding is based on the separation between things: good or bad, distant or near, male or female, darkness or light, yesterday and tomorrow - time. This is one of the explanations I got from them when I asked what the Creator is for them? this is my translation to words: "The Creator is what I can experience about. To me, the Creator is the creative and sustaining source of all reality and, therefore - one. I feel his immense love without trying to know or understand it like you. For me, the Creator is in everything I know. You and I exist in him, and he exists in us. You can experience it, but not understand it." All is ONE, and LOVE is one way your conciseness can experience it.


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