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The Veil Between Worlds:

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Yossi Ronen’s Encounters with Interdimensional Aliens & Experience of Non-duality Point of Convergence

Listen on Apple Podcasts If one thing is clear as we look back over the course of 38 episodes of the Point of Convergence podcast, it’s that the so-called UFO Phenomenon is as complex and multifaceted as it is equal parts bewildering and fascinating. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, while there is a temptation to reduce this complexity by making all of the anomalous phenomena observed and experienced about a single intelligence parading in a variety of different ways, I just don’t think this notion fits the data well when we look at it honestly and completely. Rather, to me, when one considers the breadth and depth of the data gathered over the last century - and perhaps going back into the depth of human lore, it seems apparent that numerous non-human intelligence is appearing and interacting with us. And truth be told, the ways these various intelligence manifest before our eyes, and interact, manipulate, and sometimes control us, is just as varied as the plethora of supposed alien entities described within the literature of the UFO Phenomenon. Some of these entities appear like what we might call solid, biological beings, with, one assumes, beating hearts and liquid blood of one color or another pulsing through their veins. Other intelligence seems to be better described as either post-biological or simply non-biological and seem most often to manifest in forms made purely of light. When one also considers the fullness of the data gathered, it is clear that some entities seem, from a moral point of view, perhaps no more sophisticated than us, and demonstrate, if not malevolent, then at least self-serving behaviors. And as we discussed last week, sometimes the actions of some of these Others are best described as representing a kind of symbiotic relationship with human beings - where both sides of the equation, us and them, gain something from the relationship. Then there are beings like those encountered in the case we’re going to discuss today, the case of Israeli experiencer Yossi Ronen, who seem to demonstrate not just a moral superiority, when compared to us, but also what one might describe as a moral innocence - as if their evolution didn’t progress from self-serving to cosmocentric, so much so as the nature of their experience of reality always revealed to them, from the beginning, the interconnectedness of all that is; so that, from their point of view, harming another would be no different than harming oneself. Yossi Ronen’s encounters with these beings was as life-altering as it was short and to the point. While the time spent in their presence was but a blink of the eye in comparison with the totality of the days of his life thus far, the impact for Ronen was as incontrovertible as it was irreversible. Never again would he be able to see reality the same way following his encounter. For he learned not just about a kind of intelligence beyond human, but a fundamental truth about the nature of reality itself, revealing a non-dual, interconnected totality best described in the term: oneness. Yossi Ronen’s life-changing encounters with interdimensional aliens, and the revelations regarding the nature of ultimate reality that emerged as a result, are the topic of this, the 39th episode of the Point of Convergence Podcast.

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