Ep 36: Yossi Ronen

Ep 36: Yossi Ronen

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It was two experiences involving the same event—one involved his contact with these beings while he was having an Out of Body Experience (OBE) seeing his sleeping body directly above his bed and the second was once he awoke and had physical contact with these same beings. First, like so many other UFO-related Contact Experiencers, this NHI is able to promote OBEs, a fact that was clearly detailed in the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Experiencer Research Study titled "Beyond UFOs". An even more fascinating detail, which Yossi provides page after page discussion, was how he became ONE MIND with these beings-- he literally joined into their group consciousness. This was absolutely fascinating. This topic was also discussed in my book "Beyond UFOs" but Yossi provides very specific details of this important phenomenon involving Nonlocal Consciousness contact with NHI. I can go on and on with mind-blowing details but to learn more you will have to purchase this priceless book.

The connection between the encounter with the visitors and his art


Podcast  with Grant Cameron about
the interview with Louis Elizando

What the heck? What did he just say?

April 9, 2021

Grant Cameron: What the heck? What did he just say?

I have always maintained that the UFO community has people inside the government that are friends to the UFO topic and have been carefully leaking bits and pieces of the secret of some sort of interaction with a non-human intelligence.

Luis Elizondo recently appeared on a  DeBrief YouTube interview. During that interview he went down a hypothetical rabbit hole indicating that the UFO phenomenon may be less dualistic than people think Those who have looked at the role of consciousness in connection to UFOs have discussed this possibility for years. This statement by Elizondo maybe a node and a wink to those working on the theory.

My guest today is Yossi Ronen whose encounter with being in his bedroom in the early 1980s presented him with a message of non-duality, and of the oneness of all things. He too was captivated by Elizondo bring up the subject that UFOs may not be as off-world as most people have always assumed.

In our conversation Yossi and I review was Elizondo said and speculate what it might mean and how it may change the world we live in.  Ronen's Book One: Face to Face Contact and Human Consciousness Evolution can be seen on his website


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Yossi Ronen - Alien Contact Dream Consciousness and Physical Encounter...

GRANT CAMERON with Experiencer Yossi Ronen on his new book ONE

Connecting Superposition with Interdimensionals and Oneness

My testimony in an interview with Grant Cameron of a face-to-face encounter with Intelligent aliens.
recorded in 2019, about a year before the publication of the book "One"


In the first part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

• The 2 stages of the encounter.
• the physical and mental impact Of the contact on me.

• The deep fear at the beginning of the encounter and the dealing with it.
• Telepathy and the connection to the visitor's consciousness.
• The perception and consciousness of the visitors.
• Their way of thinking and emotions.
• visitor's consciousness, love, the experience of - GOD.
• What do they think about us?
• The limit of my consciousness in front of the guests
• Their message/warning to humanity
• Where do they come from?
• Who they are, and our translation of it?
• Are we ready to meet them?

In the second part of Grant's interview, we talk about these topics:

• The differences in the perception of reality between them and us
• Separation versus oneness in consciousness
• Human language, modern science, and Quantum superposition
• The relation between meeting the guests and the clinical death experience
• Help and guidance through Aimed dreams with the visitors 
• The visitor's connection to creation. the one. GOD​

Contact with Interdimensional Beings - Yossi

2020/10/25  parabnormalradio.com

Yossi Ronen takes us on a journey of face to face contact with extraterrestrials and experiencing consciousness from their perspective.

video conference

Aliens Revealed Live Hub 

Alien Connection - Israeli Man’s Amazing Communication With ETs

GRANT CAMERON with Yossi Ronen
The connection between the encounter with the guests and ART

June 27, 2021

September 06, 2021

Amazing show yet again!!! Thank you so much to our guest Yossi Ronen for sharing your knowledge with us. Fantastic and beautiful explanation of the mechanics of consciousness and the relation to the development of our human understanding of reality . Perfectly explained and expressed so authentically for others to have understanding of how the left and right brain functions and the roles they play. Such a beautiful soul that helps so many and we thank you .