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The role of consciousness & recognition in communication with the aliens

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communication with the aliens
communication with the aliens

Based on my face-to-face contact with the visitors in 81, which I expand on in my book - ONE, it is evident that the role of consciousness and recognition play a significant part in communication with the aliens or visitors.

The experience describes how the communication with the visitors goes straight into their and my consciousness, indicating a direct and profound connection at a deeper level of awareness. The encounter involves different states of consciousness, including out-of-body experiences and awake interactions, highlighting the complexity of the communication process.

After the communication, I had to understand and interpret the nonverbal communication from the visitors, translating it into spoken language and rational terms. The visitors have a different perception of reality compared to us humans, which requires an attempt to grasp their mode of thinking.

This suggests that consciousness plays a crucial role in bridging the understanding between the two "different" realities.

Furthermore, the visitors are aware of the fear and anxiety that exist within humans, recognizing that contact with the unknown can be unsettling for us.

The visitors aim to help humanity open up to their consciousness abilities and overcome the fear that separates them.

This implies that a shift in consciousness, towards openness and understanding, is necessary for meaningful communication and interaction with the visitors.

in the book "One" I emphasize the importance of consciousness, recognition, and overcoming fear in establishing communication with the aliens or visitors, suggesting that a deeper level of awareness and understanding is required to engage with beings from a different reality.

The visitors showed me in a way of direct experience, that by experiencing their communication in two different states of consciousness - one during an out-of-body experience and the other while awake and face-to-face with them - I could gain a deeper understanding of the consciousness aspects involved in their communication.

This allowed me to grasp the different ways of communication that occur between them and to comprehend the visitors' unique perception of reality. By sharing the visitors' consciousness during the contact, I briefly experienced how they see and understand me\humanity. Through these interactions, I was able to create meaning and receive insights about the visitors and their communication methods, which are told and explained simply in the book "One.

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