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NHI / Alien Contact, Sleep paralysis, fear, and the demonic translation.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

one of the most important and controversial issues regarding the nature of our encounters with aliens - The deep fear to the point of fear of death many feels. how it Related to the negative experience at the contact with the visitors. and more...

NHI / Alien Contact, Sleep paralysis, fear, and the demonic translation
Yossi Ronen Book

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be a depiction of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation. - Wikipedia -

In this blog, I quote the excellent reference and wording of ExoAcademine to the passage in my book "ONE". The section that addresses the fear that many of us experience and sometimes stay with, when meeting the visitors/Aliens.

This is from the last part of episode # 53 podcast, by - ExoAcademian: “you are afraid, because the contact we have built with you now that you are awake and conscious face to face with us, is difficult for you. it is easier for you to experience us only through the inner consciousness, the part you call your soul, when your body is asleep and unconscious, the unfamiliar awareness you have between your body and soul. this experience is responsible for much of your body's paralysis since the soul is not physical like your body, it has no lifelike movements in the way that your body recognizes and exists with it, your body does not understand this experience of total stillness. when the soul becomes aware of you through your body you feel paralysis because your body does not know how to contain it, how to live and exist in this stillness.

in terms of the physical body which exists only within specific boundaries, to be spiritual like a soul which has no boundaries, time or of movement, it instinctively feels like a death warning Here is the full reference in the podcast by ExoAcademine:

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