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Telepathy with the visitors

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Attempt to understand the telepathy phenomenon with the visitors

This is a short excerpt of automatic writing from the book: ONE: Face to Face Contact, Experiencing ET Consciousness, and Human Consciousness Evolution The visitors:

Communication from us given to you is other than language.

Our way of thinking is different from yours, but our communication nevertheless exists.

The communication that passes from us to you is fully understood only for the deepest part of your consciousness, a place that is currently almost oblivious to you. It's the place from which your choice of thinking arises. In this primary space of consciousness, you are connected to us and all the life around you. This deep and hidden part of you does understand the information from us since it is also a kind of a language, language of the ONE.

When you become physically aware of your thoughts, it is only after it already takes the shape of words, emotions, or a picture in your mind's/brain’s language.

At this point, you are forced to translate and convert the deeper, unconscious Oneness experience into separate, dual concepts, to understand it through separate essences such as a point in time, point in place, distinct shapes and figures, and separate words or names for them. Your mind/brain makes it through finding close associations and memory in your familiar world.

For example, many of you talk about a kind of telepathy in meeting us, since your communication concepts are based solely on broadcast and reception, you also tend to think of the telepathic experience with us as a kind of transmission and reception of one another's thoughts. But in fact, telepathy between us has no transmission or reception. Telepathy operates from a full connection, so at that moment, the information is at the same time on both sides.

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