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The aliens use consciousness to communicate

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

- Consciousness is fundamental -

- Consciousness is fundamental - The aliens use consciousness to communicate

The issue of consciousness when meeting the visitors (aliens) is the main topic of the book I wrote after the experience of a face to face contact: “ONE: Face-to-Face Contact, Experiencing ET Consciousness, and Human Consciousness Evolution.”

In the first chapter of the book, I describe the meeting itself, how the visitors created the communication for the first time, and immediately afterward the meeting face-to-face.

Today I understand that the special way in which the visitors communicated with me had a much broader purpose than I realized at the time of the meeting itself. Beyond the creation of communication between them and me through my consciousness and theirs, they at the same time showed me the spaces unknown to me until then of my recognition, between me and myself as a human being. They did not explain, impart knowledge, or teach me anything intellectually. They simply allowed me to experience it by meeting them.

They left the process of logically rational understanding of this experience to me. It seems that for them, this effort and process of self-understanding by us is very important to us, for us.

The way they chose to do this is amazing, both from the depth of their understanding of our states of consciousness and psychology and the subtle and deep smart way in which they created the communication. even today about 40 years after this meeting I am still learning and seeing more layers through it.

The first stage of communication began with them appearing while I was sleeping, but could see them. For me, at least at first, it was very similar to a dream I was experiencing. What was different and special about this dream was my clear awareness that my body was now asleep but my consciousness was outside the body. I could look at my sleeping body on the bed and see my body's eyes closed.

Near the sleeping body near my head, one of the visitors was standing, and there were three or four others in the room.

My initial experience in this state, even before the communication with the visitors in the room, was a clear knowledge that I was actually my consciousness, my awareness. That sleeping body on the bed is like a secondary tool that I find or use, through it, when I'm awake... It was a clear and simple experience for me that my consciousness is not dependent or a result of the body, but the opposite, my body is activated and dependent on it.

An entire book can be written about the self-experience of out-of-body consciousness, since it is a completely different experience from the normal way in which we experience reality in normal time through and through the body. In this article I will concentrate more on the interaction of our consciousness with the consciousness of the visitors. In the first stage when I experience the communication outside the body and immediately after when I return to the body, wake up, open my eyes, sit on the bed and continue to see them in the room next to me. in a normal state of consciousness through the body.

In the first stage when I am for the first time in my life outside my body, I saw for the first time and also experienced the communication with the visitors. At this point I didn't feel any fear, I experienced them in my hands as pleasant and familiar, the communication between them and me - I realized that at the moment it was outside the body it was fluid, full without limits of one language or another. I also remember a kind of pleasant and loving laughter or humor that passed between us in front of the sight of my sleeping body on the bed...we knew together that I was about to return to the body, to my normal state.

My next awareness after that was back inside my body lying on the bed facing the wall. I thought I had a very strange dream about seeing myself outside my body, and around a number of green beings and I had a good time with them... The thought of the dream made me laugh for a moment and it was erased as soon as I heard strange noises behind me in the room.

I turned my gaze back to the room, sat down and then I saw them, the same one who was standing next to me earlier in the "dream" standing about half a meter from me and the rest at the room, all standing and looking at me. It's hard for me to describe and convey the intensity of the seepage and fear I felt at that moment. I felt my body freeze in fear in front of them, their big black eyes looking at me. Fear of death gripped me. I didn't understand what's happening now, am I still dreaming? I pinched myself, I'm wide awake. I'm sitting, my eyes open...I couldn't stand the terror anymore, I couldn't breathe from the fear...and then out of desperation, maybe from the need to face the fear and breathe, the thought came to me: they are the same guests I saw in a dream a moment ago, I had a good time with them, I got to know them, they don't want to hurt me, there was love and acceptance between us, maybe the fear I feel now has no reason...with this thought, I started to relax.

From that moment the same communication that I experienced earlier with the green beings began or returned (the process in those moments is detailed in the first chapter of the book, you can read the entire chapter on the book's website, or on the book's page on Amazon)

In fact, in these moments of normal and full awareness through the body and its senses, I again experienced telepathic communication without language or words with the visitors. It seems that through the preparation of the meeting them when I am out of the body they gave me a possibility, they prepared me for a meeting that if it had started and happened only through the body and normal consciousness would have been perhaps impossible for me.

Thanks to the special way in which the visitors communicated with me, from that day on I knew that I was not just my body, this knowledge changed my perception of my life completely. consciousness is fundamental. The difference in the experience of consciousness from and through the body, and consciousness without it, is enormous, and yet it is the same consciousness! It was another layer of understanding, a very meaningful experience that is written and leads to additional chapters in the book, the experience of the enormous potential of consciousness in the body, in a state of normal awareness – the ability to do differentiation without separation - one.

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