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The Angelic aspect of the VISITORS

Updated: May 15, 2023

Quote from the book

ONE: Face-to-Face Contact, Experiencing ET

Consciousness, and Human Consciousness Evolution"

(In the Hebrew version)

The ANGELIG aspect of the VISITORS
The ANGELIG aspect of the VISITORS

Even after I saw them with my own eyes

I still cannot say clearly who the visitors are, for the simple reason that for me They cannot be fully defined only according to the standards and definitions known to us.

However, I think that from the meeting with them it is possible to identify a certain and perhaps familiar essence.

As I have already said, the most powerful experience in a face-to-face meeting was not only from actually meeting them, but more from what I experienced through them. It was their full awareness of the One (God), their treatment of Him as the basis of being, and the feeling I received from the awareness of Him - love without limits.

From their simple and full awareness of the One - there is an innocent, passionate, complete and joy-filled desire in the visitors to participate and serve his purpose, to do his work.

I believe that their intervention in our world, as in meetings with us, is part of that action - a purpose in which they take part.

The moment when they allowed me to experience together with them the one light of creation, was actually the moment when my perception of reality changed forever. The knowledge and feeling about it was profound, formative and even more influential than the impact of the physical meeting itself with the visitors.

This is one of the reasons why the search in human knowledge for information that corresponds to the perception of the visitors led me after a few years to the Torah, which also talks about God or "the One", and finally - for a clear understanding that there is in the Torah a layer of perception that is not visible and direct, but similar and even parallel to the perception of the visitors.

There is the Kabbalah in the Torah, which for me hints at the identity of the visitors as I also experienced it at the meeting. This is about the way the Torah refers to the nature of the angels. The Bible's explanation of them, as well as the meaning of the word "angels מלאך" in the Hebrew language, convey one clear central feature: the name angels was given to them, because they are the doers of the Creator's work. The word angel is in the sense of a messenger and from the word "craft" (מלאכה (עושי מלאכתו.

Quotes from Wikipedia - Angels in the Bible:

"In Biblical Hebrew, similar to other Semitic languages (such as Arabic), the word malach means messenger (from the rare root א-ק) and is used to describe a messenger sent by man or by God. There are several dozen examples of each of these appearances. In the language of the sages, the meaning of the word angel was reduced to the meaning of a messenger of God."

" some cases, the revelation of the angel creates fear in the person who meets him and recognizes him as an angel, to the point of fearing for his life, since the angel is a type of supernatural being that belongs to the 'entourage of the Most High'."

"The angels usually appear in the form of people - and they have the power to be seen and invisible..."

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