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Why does it scare us?

There are many reactions to my book "ONE", which was written following a face-to-face meeting and communication with the visitors. Most of them are positive, but there are also negative ones among them. I've noticed that most of these negative comments center around the feeling that my positive view of the visitors is a mistake.

Some of them also share with me negative experiences of deep fear in their moments of meeting the guests. Here is an acute example of such a response:

"It would be nice if this narrative was typical of most alleged extraterrestrial vs human contact, but that does not seem to be the case. Based on what I've read on this subject over the past five decades, I would hate for someone to wake up to aliens in their room, and expect an experience with light-bearing, happy beings, only to be subjected to what seems to be the usual case - paralyzed, transported to some off planet doctor's examining room, stripped and subjected to terrifying medical procedures, followed by a shoddy attempt at erasing your memory. I don't think one's mental state is going to change the experience. If someone breaks into my house to rob and murder me, they're going to do it whether I have a positive mental state or not."

Here are some sentences from the book in which I referred to the experience of this type of fear:

(The topic of the episode on page 89 - talks about the telepathy experience that takes place with the guests)

"...Those who find it difficult to accept and incorporate the experience of telepathy, sometimes feel as if the visitors are trying to force thoughts into their minds. (I also thought this at the beginning of my encounter.)
The sense of panic and intimidation that we sometimes experience with them seems to be generated by our automatic translation of the experience of the ONE and unity that we do not know and recognize! This experience of unity can scare us; we suddenly experience another consciousness that seems to penetrate our very being. For some, a panic arises and we think, 'What is happening to me'? 'Do I hear voices'? One can also experience the fear of loss of self-control.
Moreover, the visitors' consciousness is vastly wider than ours in its normal state. The initial experience can cause a feeling of helplessness and you can get lost in that vast space and feel a sense of smallness and a lack of self-confidence, a feeling that you are about to disappear, that you are lost in something much more significant than yourself.
Thus, the experience of Oneness and love can be translated into a sense of loss of the self. sometimes similar to the fear of death...."

Here is an excerpt from an Exo Academic podcast on this topic from my book: ExoAcademian: Reflections on Cases of Remarkable NHI/Alien Contact - Yossi Ronen

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