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The role of consciousness in the contact with the visitors.

Updated: May 16, 2023

UAP Studies Podcast with Yossi Ronen

Following a real physical face-to-face encounter

Understanding the encounter with the visitors through the functioning of our consciousness. and more...

Topics of conversation:

  • The main component in communication with the visitors - the consciousness itself, through the body and the brain or outside the body, as when leaving the body.

  • The difference in the encounter experience - when leaving the body or through the body.

  • The body's instinctive response in full consciousness in front of the unknown or the guests.

  • The fear and feeling of lack of control over the situation while in contact with the guests.

  • The ability of the guests and ours to communicate telepathically and the extra layer to fear.

  • The guests' broad perception of consciousness.

  • Understanding the sense of unity and the connection to the structure of reality itself.

  • Understanding our response to the experience of oneness whether negative or positive.

  • The essence of telepathy itself is the way it works, and our translation.

  • The emotion dimension in communication.

Our rational physical translation into the experience of meeting the visitors.


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