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The visitors are good or bad?

Fear and telepathy

One of the recurring questions to me about the encounter I experienced is something like this:

If you say that the experience of your encounter was good, and you also say that from the contact you know that they are positive beings and even angelic, then how do you explain the deep fear you head at the beginning of the encounter?

And why did they not make sure that you would not be afraid of them?

Indeed at the beginning of the face-to-face contact with the visitors, I experienced a terrible fear, one of them was standing close to me looked into my eyes, and I felt I was frozen and paralyzed by fear. out of his black eyes I felt he could penetrate my consciousness, he knows what I feel and what I think, so he can control And do to me as he pleases ...

Still out of a sense of helplessness and maybe because I had no other choice because I was paralyzed and could not run or escape ... I tried for a brief moment to check if this fear I feel is nothing but my subjective fear, maybe the fear stems from the encounter with the unknown.

As soon as I was able to ignore the fear and even just for a brief moment, it became clear to me that I know he is experiencing my consciousness because I am also experiencing his! Consciousness. What actually happens is that he allows me to experience his consciousness.

From that moment on, the experience of meeting and communicating with the visitors continued deeper and became the enriching and amazing positive experience of my life.

Many people who have experienced meeting the visitors tell about the telepathic communication with them. From my experience, it was clear to me that the telepathic ability that occurs between us is not only an expression of the ability of the visitors, but that it is proof of a basic but not sufficiently conscious ability that also exists in us.

I believe this ability is just a small expression of our Consciousness cognitive ability. The special thing about our contact with the visitors is that this ability that exists in us is expressed now for the simple reason that the visitors are aware of this ability in them and us.

I believe that encounters with the visitors are a leap forward for us when it comes to what I call the evolution of our consciousness when the telepathic ability arises in us! Is proof of that.

If we continue to delve deeper into the understanding of the telepathic ability that exists in us, we will find that it does not work as we might tend to think similar to the way we familiar with, such as sending and receiving information directly, such as wireless communication...

This communication takes place in a completely different way, it is based on our Consciousness cognitive ability to connect to the other beyond the space and physical time familiar to us.


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