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Israeli Author Yossi Ronen Offers a ‘UFO Book’ That Reads More Like a Manifesto of Transcendent Attainment Than Just More Accounts of Flying Saucers and Aliens

Review by: KEN KORCZAK The “little green men” trope has haunted the UFO community for decades.

It’s a classic bait-line for scoffers and trolls who fancy themselves “skeptics” as they usually go after the low-hanging fruit with mocking attempts to “scientifically debunk” encounters with The Phenomenon.

But not to worry. The author’s choice to feature a waving green alien on the cover of this remarkable book is about the only controversial choice he made in bringing forward a compelling and consequential story.

This is far less “a UFO book” than it is a profound meditation on the essential validity of every human being and the eternal validity of the human soul.

YOSSI RONEN derived this enlightened perspective of mankind’s place in Creation from a personal encounter with … um … what should we call them?

Yossi Ronen

Yossi Ronen
yossi ronen

Transhuman entities? Transcendent intelligence? Interdimensional visitors? Aliens?

I suppose it doesn’t matter since “The Visitors” themselves told Ronen that their actual physical appearance was not important and, at best, is a kind of illusionary representation of their true nature.

Ronen was just 21 when he experienced his encounter with “The Others.” It was the early 1980s, and Ronen was an Israeli citizen spending a year in Los Angeles. He was in his apartment sleeping. His brother was his roommate was sleeping in the same room when things were about to get exceedingly strange.

Okay, I’m going to stop right there because I don’t want to give anything away. I encourage readers to buy this book and experience the encounter of Yossi Ronen with entities that were not only stranger than he could imagine – but stranger than any of us can imagine.

It’s one of the best presented and most intriguing descriptions of a human-other interaction I have read.

For Yossi, it would prove to be an event that would alter the trajectory of the rest of his life. Prior to his confrontation with the unknown, he was a grounded young man firmly rooted in the efficacy of material science. He was studying electronics in college and fully expected to embark on a tech-oriented career. That proved difficult and problematic after the mind-expanding fallout of his experience.

It would take decades for Ronen to process his encounter, come to grips with it and ferret out a larger meaning he could process and integrate.

The title he chose for his book, ONE, sums up his conclusions – in that, the Universe, or All That Is, or whatever you want to call it – is an infinite Singularity of Consciousness. The being he encountered on the day were not so much “Others” but aspects of himself – or all of us, really. That includes animals, plants, rocks, atoms, electrons, quarks, planets, stars, galaxies — everything.

I’ve been reading UFO books since the late 1960s. It’s fascinating to observe how this genre has evolved from a nuts-and-bolts “I saw a flying saucer” perspective to today a body of literature increasingly that more resembles transpersonal psychology and philosophy.


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