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New review! for my book ONE

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2020

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One of the most concise and readable books I've read so far re: contact with non-human intelligence. Beautiful and ultimately uplifting message, and a message that I feel humans are obligated to take seriously, especially in these times. It always makes me laugh when people say, 'are there other intelligent beings out there?', as tho humanity displays the 'ultimate intelligence'. Given the mess we have made of most everything, I think it's pretty obvious that our intelligence is woefully lacking in all of the things that matter most on a cosmic scale, and our general lack of heart re: our planet, each other, and the universe at large is exceptionally telling as to our overall character. We plunder and colonize for money and wealth and think nothing of taking, taking, taking from our planet, our atmosphere, and each other. We do not 'live', we only 'conquer', which shows the depth of our disconnection from all other life and the vastness of our competition. This book brings this all into focus re: the things we should be concentrating on in order to evolve and thrive as beings of the cosmos as we are meant to, but are not yet. I hope it is not too late to mend our ways and reverse the damage we have already done, and I am grateful to Yossi and for this book of his experiences.

Book ONE Cover
Yossi Ronen book ONE


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